When you call Fantastic Fireworks you will speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Here is our Who’s Who at FF. Portraits by Daniel Morgenstern.

Rino Sampieri, Display Manager, Fantastic Fireworks Rino Sampieri
Job title:
Senior Display Manager & Senior Firer
Year Started: 2011
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Working on the Drayton Manor Park 60th anniversary display, with all the fireworks, flames and lasers it simply blew me away.
Interesting Fact: I proposed to my wife Eva with a firework message which read: Marry me!


Matt Tagg
Job title: Display Manager & Firer
Year Started: 2013
Favourite Firework/FF Memory:
Interesting Fact: I once bought a box of turkey eggs on ebay, hatched them and fattened up the chicks for the Christmas market!


Rachel Deighton, Events Manager, Fantastic Fireworks Rachel Deighton
Job title: Events Manager
Year started: 2012
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Meeting the FF team for the first time at Warwick Castle
Interesting Fact: My dad is head gardener at Castle Howard




David Willsher, Operations Manager, Fantastic Fireworks David Willsher
Job Title: Operations Manager & Senior Firer
Year Started: 2006
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Going on the company’s yearly fireworks sourcing trip to the Far East and eating donkey hot pot in Beijing!
Interesting Fact: I once got drunk and bought a car on Ebay, couldn’t get insured on it and had to sell it!




Tom Clark, Site Manager, Fantastic FireworksTom Clark
Job Title: Site Manager
Year Started: 2000
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Being the first company to do pyro for the band “The Darkness”. Before us they were scared and thought they might get hurt by it – we taught them otherwise! After that they used pyro on every one of their shows!
Interesting Fact: I have jumped out of a helicopter on a snowboard!



Matt Bishop
Job Title: Retail Sales Manager
Year Started: 2014
Favourite Firework/FF Memory:
Interesting Fact:


Steve Boothman, Display Director, Fantastic FireworksSteve Boothman
Job Title: Managing Director of Fantastic Fireworks North & Senior Firer
Year started: 1999
Favourite Firework Memory: Being given a hotpot at 3o’clock in the morning after a freezing cold, wet and windy Millennium show on the Isle of Man by a very thoughtful client’s wife.
Interesting Fact: I used to be a fairground operator in the south of France!


Andy Howarth
Job title:
Display Manager and Firer with Fantastic Fireworks North
Year started: 2012
Favourite Firework Memory:
Interesting Fact:

Jon Culverhouse, Managing Director, Fantastic Fireworks

Jon Culverhouse
Job Title: Managing Director
Year started: 1985
Favourite Firework Memory: Launching a mouse in a rocket in 1962 and bringing it safely back to earth on a parachute!
Interesting Fact: I used to be Editor of the Sun Soccer Annual