Remember, remember!

We have only one complaint about Guy Fawkes. Bad timing! How much more pleasant it would be for everyone if we were celebrating the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot in sunny July rather than wet November! But dark evenings, damp skies and the glow of a thousand bonfires are all part of what makes Bonfire Night such an integral part of our cultural heritage. At Fantastic Fireworks we are proud to be at the hub of the nation’s celebrations. Each year we put on more than 200 displays, from the village green to the city park. Every show we do is carefully planned and designed to ensure that it lives up to our name. Fantastic Fireworks. It’s what we do!

Don’t take our word for it
No company says that they don’t do a good job. We’re no different except that we not only give you quotes from clients and the media we also provide the evidence.
Quote: ‘It has been an inspiration to work with Fantastic Fireworks over what is probably nearly 20 years. Your enthusiasm for entertaining audiences with ‘simply the best’ in fireworks as well as the accompanying soundtracks have helped ensure that you are the leading team in firework entertainment.  It is very easy for a company to impress a client the first time, but to continually impress year on year indicates the quality of your staff and yourself.  The shows you have created for us have genuinely lived up to your company name!’
Sally Newell, Senior Events Officer, Dudley MBC.