We want you to be inspired by what we can do for you.

Every one of our firework displays is a work of art, like the one pictured here on Liverpool’s waterfront. We have spent the last 27 years honing our skills, sourcing the highest quality fireworks, polishing our creative flair and painting the sky with art in action.

There is a story that many years ago, when someone asked Picasso to scribble a drawing on a scrap of paper, the famous artist quickly obliged.  Handing over the sketch he said ‘That will be £50,000 please’. ‘But it only took you a minute,’ protested the recipient. ‘No’ replied Picasso, ‘it took me a lifetime.’  We like to think that our displays are also the result of a lifetime. Well 27 years anyway!

Whatever you are celebrating, wherever you are celebrating, there is almost no situation we haven’t already experienced. Please take a look at our pyrotechnic portfolio and be inspired to make a date with Fantastic Fireworks!